Kaizen House Membership Rules

  1. Zero Tolerance for any drug or alcohol use.  Engaging in any illegal substances manufacturing, possession and/or distribution of will be NOT be tolerated.  If resident fails any drug or alcohol test, resident will be exited from the house and must vacate property immediately.  If a resident refuses to submit to a drug or alcohol test, resident will be discharged from residency.
  2. Zero Tolerance for stealing.  (Taking food from others without permission is considered stealing. We encourage community cooking, meal planning and sharing dinner time together. This is to assist in developing a family like structure.)
  3. Zero Tolerance for destruction of Kaizen House or other residents’ property.
  4. Zero Tolerance for threats of violence, physical confrontation or verbal confrontation with any staff or resident.
  5. Minimum commitment of a 90 day stay is required.
  6. No smoking inside or in front of Kaizen House.  Smoking is only permitted in the designated backyard area.
  7. No sexual activity of any kind in the house.
  8. Respect must be shown to other residents and neighbors as well.  Use of profanity and vulgar language is NOT acceptable at Kaizen House.  (This includes the outside premise of the property).
  9. No loud music  (This includes music played in vehicle while entering and exiting the neighborhood).

10. Any resident must immediately inform the house manager of ALL prescribed medications and over-the-counter medications.  Any changes to medications,  schedules or doses of current medications must also be submitted to the house manager immediately.  All medication must be approved by the house manager.  All medications must be taken as prescribed and stored in a locked container.  A key copy/combination must be given to the house manager.

11. Any visitor to Kaizen House property will be asked to leave immediately if Kaizen House staff or residents suspect any use of illegal or illicit drugs, including alcohol.  Past residents who have been exited due to their own breach of rules will not be permitted back on the property.

12. All residents must attend 6 AA/NA meetings a week (1 meeting per day for 6 days) in their first 90 days of residing at Kaizen House if not working or enrolling in school full time.  Then 4 meetings per week thereafter. Meeting verification sheets are due at the house meeting.

13. Residents must obtain a sponsor within their first two weeks of stay and be currently working an active program of recovery.  Residents must be actively working the 12-steps with a sponsor in order to remain a resident at Kaizen House. We know the 12 step recovery plan works.

14. Residents must attend mandatory house meeting once a week or at the time and date specified by the house manager.

15. Residents must be willing to submit to a drug/alcohol urine screen, or breathalyzer upon the request of the manager.

16. Residents’ rooms must be clean at all times.  (Residents’ beds are to be made when the residents are not in the bed.)

17. Curfew is 11:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and 1:00 AM Friday and Saturday.

18. Residents must sleep at the house each night unless prior arrangements have been made with staff.

19. Overnight passes are given after 30 days of residency at Kaizen House if resident has not received any write-ups or issues.  Overnight pass must be submitted in writing and requested 72 hours in advance to the date of the overnight for approval.

20. Residents are not permitted to have overnight guests.  All visitors to the property must be approved by staff and must be off the property by 9:00 PM.

21. Guests are not allowed in resident rooms at any time for any reason.

22. There is absolutely no loitering in the front of the property.

23. Residents must be employed or enrolled in school within the first 30 days of living at Kaizen House.

24. Residents with job requirements and schedules that conflict with house responsibilities or curfews, must have approval from staff in order to maintain that employment.

25. Residents will participate in ongoing mandatory house chores.  Specific chore responsibilities will be outlined and updated by house manager.

26. To ensure the safety and integrity of Kaizen House recovery community we request any resident who knows that another resident has violated any rules of Kaizen House report the behavior to staff immediately.